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The Smart Office


Work in The Future Office
with Smart Office Concept


What are the Parts
of A Smart Office?


Digital Transformation Solutions
for SME and Startup Businesses

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Digital transformation requires society, including business people, to be able to move fast to keep up with existing developments. One of which is how we are able to adapt and take advantage of the increasingly developing technologies. In the midst of the current digital transformation era, a new concept has emerged, especially for the work environment, called the smart office. The concept that combines technology and IoT (Internet of Things) is certainly expected to provide better benefits for the business and the employees in it.

Then, what exactly is the concept of the smart office itself? Let’s find the complete explanation only in this edition of Biznet Inspire. Moreover, there will also information about Biznet, including updates on Biznet Festival, which is coming back this year. Happy reading!

Biznet. Transforming Digital Era.
Adi Kusma


Work in The Future Office with Smart Office Concept

Technology development in all aspects of life can bring convenience to society. One of the places that can be made more efficient is the work or office environment. Smart office technology for example, can give various benefits, one of which is by implementing smart technology to increase productivity.

The Benefits Of Using Smart Office:

Operational Cost Efficiency

Devices such as smart air conditioner and smart lamp
can adjust the temperature and brightness automatically as needed,
resulting in the reduction of excess energy consumption.

Enhancing Productivity

A good implementation of a smart office enhances the productivity
of employees in the office because it allows employees
to work and collaborate anytime and anywhere.

Increases Employee
Safety and Comfort

Smart office technology also increases employee safety with
its ability to monitor the activity and presence of employees in the office,
as well as guaranteeing cleanliness and comfort in the office environment.

“If you look at history, innovation doesn’t come just from giving people incentives; it comes from creating environments where their ideas can connect.”

– Steven Johnson  – American Author

The New
Fiber Optic

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The New Fiber Optic

Provide What You Need
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Flexible Installation


Chef’s Kiss: Handmaking Italian Food

Serving Italian food & dishes with love, Michele Cuozzo always been use the basic ingredients but be cooking great traditional. Here it is authentic Pizza is always a good idea!

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Biznet Festival Surabaya 2023

Biznet holds Biznet Festival, a young creator event held in several cities in Indonesia to show talent and creative ideas. In 2023, Biznet Festival was held for the first time in Surabaya. Biznet Festival Surabaya 2023 presented various entertainment such as Band, Push Bike, MOBA, Cosplay competitions as well as performances by top musicians KOTAK and D’MASIV.

Indonesia Comic Con (ICC) Pop Asia 2023

The largest Pop Culture exhibition in Indonesia, provides a room to showcase popular works of Indonesian creators, including comics, films, anime, cosplay, music, games, action figures, toys, clothing, and accessories. As the Official Internet Partner, Biznet supports the event by providing reliable and high-speed internet connectivity for all visitors to be able to do digital activities at the venue, and ensure the event runs smoothly.



What are the Parts
of A Smart Office?

Various types of devices and software can be used to turn an office environment into a smart office that provides convenience for the employees. And the devices below are part of the smart office, which certainly uses the Internet of Things (IoT) to operate it.

Smart Meeting Room

Has a concept of utilizing technology that facilitates collaboration and productivity for employees. One of them is the presence of an automatic room booking system as well as a wireless presentation system that allows the user to prepare a presentation very quickly.

Smart Desk

Tables that are equipped with height-adjustment features, so that can be the solution to increasing the productivity and health of employees because it can be adjusted to the user’s height, as well as allowing the user to work in a standing position.

Security Control

With the security component of smart office technology, every business can strengthen its existing security system to protect employees and all assets in the office space.

Visitor Management

Can help offices in security management such as visitor self-registration, including notifying employees when guests have arrived, as well as providing real-time information to visitors.

Let’s be more productive, effective and efficient at work so that we can carry out our duties properly and have the potential for self-development.


Digital Transformation Solutions for SME and Startup Businesses

Biznet Metronet

In Indonesia there are various startups that have started its operation and are developing very rapidly.
In the midst of the development of digital transformation, the availability of an Internet network is certainly needed to manage a business so that it can support the operational activities as well as create new innovations. Biznet Metronet, Super Fast Broadband Internet service special for SME and startup business. Comes with a choice of services from 50 to 750 Mbps and uses the latest network infrastructure, becoming a digital transformation solution and ensuring your business will always run smoothly. For more information, please visit biznetnetworks.com/metronet.

Biznet Technocenter

Welcome to Biznet Technocenter Surabaya
Biznet recently opened a new office, Biznet Technocenter Surabaya, located at Jl Sumatera No 120, Surabaya City, East Java in January 2023. The opening of this branch office is one of the Biznet’s commitments in expanding its network in Surabaya City since 2008. Biznet Technocenter Surabaya is equipped with modern rooms and facilities, and provides the best space for employees to keep up their good work. Moreover, it is equipped with a Training Center, which is a place to provide training for Biznet employees, with the aim of being able to continuously improve the quality of its employees, so that they can provide the best services for all customers, including customers in Surabaya.


Biznet is The Fastest Broadband Internet Provider Based on OpenSignal
OpenSignal, a global cellular analytics company published a report of the analysis results of fixed broadband in Indonesia. The report mentioned that Biznet has succeeded in being the fastest both for download and upload speed. This is a proof of Biznet’s commitment in providing the best service for customers. One of which is by providing an Internet service with a large bandwidth capacity and symmetrical download and upload speeds, so that it can answer society’s need for reliable Internet that can support their daily digital activities.


Signage for Public Facilities

Feel free to download information signs that can be used in various public facilities.


Biznet Bali Beach Cleaning Program

Through this CSR program, Biznet is responsible for always maintaining
the cleanliness of our natural resources by providing beach cleaning tractors
to transport all the trash scattered in the beach areas of Bali.



Expansion all over Indonesia.

Keep on extending our
services from city to city!

Biznet began operation on 1 October 2000 as Broadband Internet Service Provider in MidPlaza Complex in Jakarta Central Business District (CBD).
Biznet launched Biznet Data Center Jakarta MidPlaza, a Tier-2 Data Center facility with 700 m2 of raised floor space.
Biznet used Infrared Laser and Wireless technologies to connect 7 high rise buildings in the Jakarta CBD.
Biznet launched Broadband Internet service for Small and Medium Business (SMB) and residential users using ADSL technology.
Biznet started GlobalPOP operation in Singapore, as a hub to the Global Internet.

Biznet built the first Fiber Optic Network in the Jakarta CBD – Sudirman area, using Metro Ethernet technology with a ring configuration.

Total Biznet Fiber route: 10KM.

Biznet launched GlobalPOP in Tokyo and peer with Japan Internet Exchange (JPIX).

Biznet expanded Biznet Fiber to reach more area in Jakarta CBD area.

Total Biznet Fiber route: 50 KM.

Biznet launched Biznet Fiber with Fiber To The Home (FTTH) technology, which was the first FTTH network in South East Asia.

Total Biznet Fiber route: 250KM.

Biznet built a 300 KM InterCity network between Serang, Banten and Bandung, West Java to provide services for those areas.

Total Biznet Fiber route: 1,000 KM.

Biznet expanded the Biznet Fiber to Bali with 30 KM of Fiber Optic route.

Total Biznet Fiber route: 1,200KM.

Biznet started Biznet Technovillage Project, a Tier 3 Data Center located in Cimanggis, West Java.

Biznet launched Biznet Cloud service for enterprise market.

Total Biznet Fiber route: 1,500 KM.

Biznet launched Biznet Ventures to incubate new startup company.

Biznet expanded 2 new GlobalPOPs in Manila, Philippines and Sydney, Australia.

Biznet started IPv6 Address allocation.

Total Biznet Fiber route: 2,500KM.

Biznet started max3 Studioworks, a multimedia production facility to produce in-house contents.

Biznet Technovillage started operation on 18 July 2012.

Biznet launched max3 Internet + Cable for residential and apartment users on 6 December 2012.

Total Biznet Fiber route: 5,000 KM.
Biznet Fiber Home: 20,000 homepasses.

max3 Internet + Cable TV was launched in Bali.

Biznet Fiber home network has reached 120,000 homepasses nationally.

Total Biznet Fiber route: 7,500 KM.
Biznet Fiber Home: 120,000 homepasses.

Biznet expanded Biznet Fiber to Sumatra and opened new branch offices in Palembang, Jambi and Padang.

Biznet Data Center Bali started operation on 10 April 2014.

Biznet Fiber home network has reached 200,000 homepasses nationally.

Total Biznet Fiber route: 5,000 KM.
Biznet Fiber Home: 200,000 homepasses.

Biznet opened more branch offices in West Java & Central Java.

Biznet rebranded its logo and service name.

Biznet continues expanding Biznet Fiber network nationwide.

Biznet Fiber Java Bangka Batam Singapore started operation on 7 August 2015 with 2x100 Gbps capacity.

Total Biznet Fiber route: 15,000 KM.
Biznet Fiber Home: 240,000 homepasses.

Biznet expanded Biznet Fiber to Batam Island and more cities in Java Island.

Biznet Fiber Java-Bali expanded from Semarang to Surabaya.

Total Biznet Fiber Route: 18,000 KM.
Biznet Fiber Home: 350,000 homepasses.

Biznet expanded Biznet Fiber to Kudus and more cities in Java Island.

Biznet Fiber Semarang - Surabaya route is completed.

Total Biznet Fiber Route: 21,000 KM.
Biznet Fiber Home: 450,000 homepasses.

Biznet expanded Biznet Fiber to Garut, Tasikmalaya, Cilacap and more cities in Java Island.

Total Biznet Fiber route: 27,000 KM.
Biznet Fiber Home: 480,000 homepasses.

Biznet expanded Biznet Fiber to Singaraja - Bali, Batu Aji - Batam, and more cities in Java Island, Bali and Batam.

Biznet announced network expansion to Pontianak, West Kalimantan and Bandar Lampung, Lampung Province.

Total Biznet Fiber Route: 36,000 KM.
Biznet Fiber Home: 500,000 homepasses.

Biznet Officially launched Biznet IPTV service and expands Biznet Fiber network to Sulawesi by officially opened a new branch office in Manado and Medan.

On 8 August 2020, Biznet launched a new company, PrimaMedix, a manufacturing company for health products for daily use and industry.

Total Biznet Fiber route: 45,000 KM.
Biznet Fiber Home: 500,000+ homepasses.

Biznet continues expanding its network to more area/city in Indonesia, including Medan, Makassar, Labuan Bajo and Kupang City.

Total Biznet Fiber Route: 55,000 KM.
Biznet Fiber Home: 1,100,000 homepass.

Biznet expands its network to 3 provinces in Sumatra Island, including Bandar Lampung to Aceh.

Build Biznet Nusantara Cable System (BNCS) 1, which is connected from Anyer (Java) – Kalianda (Sumatra) and Sungsang (Sumatra) - Muntok (Bangka Belitung) for approximately 100 KM.

Total Biznet Fiber route: 65,000 KM
Biznet Fiber Home: 1,500,000 homepasses.

Biznet Builds Biznet Cable Station

Biznet Cable Landing Station or Biznet MarinePOP, is the main gateway to connect islands in Indonesia and the world, making it possible to provide Internet and Data Communication services with large and fast capacity.

Total Biznet Fiber routes: 100,000 KM.
Biznet Fiber Home: 2,400,000 homepasses.

Biznet Builds Biznet Cable Station

Biznet Cable Landing Station or Biznet MarinePOP, is the main gateway to connect islands in Indonesia and the world, making it possible to provide Internet and Data Communication services with large and fast capacity.

Total Biznet Fiber routes: 100,000 KM.
Biznet Fiber Home: 2,400,000 homepasses.

Be careful of scam on behalf of Biznet.
Information about Biznet can be accessed on biznetnetworks.com.


Introducing Island Camps at AYANA

Answering parents’ hopes for a relaxing and restorative family vacation along with the need for innovation in childrens’ holiday activities, AYANA Estate in Jimbaran is introducing Southeast Asia’s first “destination camp” for children within a resort, Island Camps at AYANA.

From July 4 – August 26, 2023 AYANA presents Guidepost at AYANA Estate, a collaboration with Guidepost, creating a program for children ages 2-6 to experience a rich array of blended activities that scaffold their minds, challenge their bodies, and delight their souls. and Green Camp AYANA a series of daily activities for children aged seven to 12 designed to develop kids’ awareness of sustainability and encourage their creativity while fostering respect for the natural world and different cultures

For a limited time, guests who enroll their child or children on the programs can enjoy a discount of up to 30% on stay at AYANA Resort Bali, AYANA Segara Bali, AYANA Villas Bali, and RIMBA by AYANA Bali and additionally, receive other benefits from AYANA Spa and AYANA’s F&B outlets.

For more information, please see AYANA Camps and for inquiries email to ayanabali@guidepostmontessori.com.

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