April 2023 | Vol. 01

Eid Al-Fitr


Biznet Presents


Celebrate Eid Together
with Different Activities


#PakeBiznet to Accompany
Ramadan to Eid at Home

Hello from
Our President Director.

After one month of fasting, we will finally arrive at the moment we have been waiting for, Eid Al-Fitr 1444 Hijriah. This year’s Eid moment is certainly quite different compared to previous years when the pandemic had just occurred, where now we can gather again and create moments of togetherness with the entire big family. And in this moment, Biznet also presents its best services, which can certainly make the moment with your family during the holidays even more meaningful.

Moreover, at the end of March 2023, Biznet through its Biznet Home product presented #IniBaruInternetRumah campaign, which gives a solution to support the ever-increasing variety of digital activities, with its big bandwidth capacity, symmetrical upload and download speeds, and Biznet keeps on extending services from city to city in Indonesia. Certainly, you can read everything about the latest Biznet Home campaign in this edition of Biznet Inspire. Happy reading!

And on behalf of Biznet, I would like to wish a happy Eid Al Fitr 1444 Hijriah to all of our valued customers who are celebrating. Minal Aidin Wal Faidzin, mohon maaf lahir dan batin.

Biznet. Transforming Digital Era.
Adi Kusma


Biznet Presents #TheRealHomeInternet Campaign,
through Biznet Home Services to Support the Young Generation
to Become Advanced People.

Make Everything Real
With #PakeBiznet

Today’s younger generation cannot be separated from an Internet connection,
not only surfing on social media but also being able to channel hobbies such as
making video content that is uploaded to social media, playing games, opening
online businesses, to streaming videos where these activities require technology.
Good quality internet to make hobbies come true.

Symmetrical Uploads & Downloads

Make it easy for digital activities, with a symmetrical 1:1 upload and download speed,
when uploading such as email attachments, backing up data to the cloud, and social
media postings. Likewise, when downloading streaming video, and playing games,
all digital activities become aster and smoother with good quality Internet technology.

Big Bandwidth, Unlimited Quota

Digital activities become smoother with Biznet Home which provides a big bandwidth
capacity for Biznet Home services of up to 250 Mbps. In addition, Biznet Home has an
unlimited quota which makes all digital activities smoother. This makes the Biznet Home
service a one-stop best solution for WiFi Internet services for front-line people.

A lot of things you want to do
as part of daily life can now be done
over the Internet.”

– Marc Andreessen  – American entrepreneur

The New
Fiber Optic

Provide What You Need
with Affordable Price


The New Fiber Optic

Provide What You Need
with Affordable Price

Flexible Installation



Trends keep changing, there’s always something new. Change is inevitable. Not outdated, upgrade your Internet access at home with Biznet Home.

WiFi Internet service for leading people with big bandwidth and symmetrical upload and download speeds.

Watch a variety of fun videos on
Biznet YouTube channel.

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Biznet Joins the Crowd of Jajarans Festival

The fasting month is one of the best times for culinary, especially for hunting some food for break fasting, and Jajarans Festival can be your destination. Biznet also joined this event with the best Internet connection, which of course can be accessed for free by all visitors, so they can upload the excitement of the event to social media smoothly, and make the payment activities at the venue easier, which all are now online.

Iftar with Biznet Customers

This year, Biznet held an Iftar event with Biznet customers. The event that was held at AYANA Midplaza Jakarta, apart from aiming to strengthen the partnership between Biznet and the customers, is also to show our appreciation and gratitude for Biznet’s loyal customers who have supported Biznet so far.


Celebrate Eid Together
with Different

How are you planning
for this Eid holiday?

Well, surely you have made your choice to plan a fun vacation.

However, you don’t need to worry if you choose an Eid holiday at home. Even though it’s only at home, you can still do activities that are no less exciting during the Eid holiday.

Come on, check the below various activities that you can do while at home and of course those connected to the WiFi Internet network.

Sending Hampers Online

You can still stay in touch by sending gifts to your dear family and friends. The presence of the Internet has made it easier for us to make orders and to deliver parcels online without meeting directly.

Buy Eid Clothes on Marketplace

Buying Eid clothes online in the marketplace can be an option to make it more affordable and efficient.


Try Home Decor Ideas

Creating a new atmosphere at home can be done to welcome Eid, one of which is by decorating the room. In addition, you can also look for various kinds of décor inspiration online.

Make sure the Internet connection at home is smooth and stable so that the holiday moment is more meaningful.

Silaturahmi via Video Call

Even though you are separated by distance, it doesn’t mean you can’t stay in touch. By utilizing the Internet, you can still establish relationships with family, relatives or friends using video calls and other social media platforms.



#PakeBiznet to Accompany Ramadan to Eid at Home

Biznet Home

Biznet Home is the best WiFi Internet service for houses and apartments with connection speeds of up to 250 Mbps for download and upload. Comes with various advantages such as large bandwidth, symmetrical upload and download speeds, affordable prices, and wide area coverage. These advantages can make you always up to date and all digital activities at home become smoother. For more information, please visit biznethome.net.

Biznet IPTV

Biznet IPTV is an interactive TV service with the latest entertainment programs with the best 4K resolution quality that has more than 55 channels. In addition, Biznet IPTV is also equipped with various best features that provide convenience for customers such as 4K, Live Payment Channel, Catch-Up TV, Video-On-Demand, WiFi Connected, and other features. For more information, visit biznetiptv.com.


Signage for Public Facilities

Feel free to download information signs
that can be used in various public facilities.


Biznet Bali Beach Cleaning Program

Through this CSR program, Biznet is responsible
for always maintaining the cleanliness of our natural resources
by providing beach cleaning tractors to transport all the trash
scattered in the beach areas of Bali.



Expansion all over Indonesia.

Keep on extending our
services from city to city!

Biznet began operation on 1 October 2000 as Broadband Internet Service Provider in MidPlaza Complex in Jakarta Central Business District (CBD).
Biznet launched Biznet Data Center Jakarta MidPlaza, a Tier-2 Data Center facility with 700 m2 of raised floor space.
Biznet used Infrared Laser and Wireless technologies to connect 7 high rise buildings in the Jakarta CBD.
Biznet launched Broadband Internet service for Small and Medium Business (SMB) and residential users using ADSL technology.
Biznet started GlobalPOP operation in Singapore, as a hub to the Global Internet.

Biznet built the first Fiber Optic Network in the Jakarta CBD – Sudirman area, using Metro Ethernet technology with a ring configuration.

Total Biznet Fiber route: 10KM.

Biznet launched GlobalPOP in Tokyo and peer with Japan Internet Exchange (JPIX).

Biznet expanded Biznet Fiber to reach more area in Jakarta CBD area.

Total Biznet Fiber route: 50 KM.

Biznet launched Biznet Fiber with Fiber To The Home (FTTH) technology, which was the first FTTH network in South East Asia.

Total Biznet Fiber route: 250KM.

Biznet built a 300 KM InterCity network between Serang, Banten and Bandung, West Java to provide services for those areas.

Total Biznet Fiber route: 1,000 KM.

Biznet expanded the Biznet Fiber to Bali with 30 KM of Fiber Optic route.

Total Biznet Fiber route: 1,200KM.

Biznet started Biznet Technovillage Project, a Tier 3 Data Center located in Cimanggis, West Java.

Biznet launched Biznet Cloud service for enterprise market.

Total Biznet Fiber route: 1,500 KM.

Biznet launched Biznet Ventures to incubate new startup company.

Biznet expanded 2 new GlobalPOPs in Manila, Philippines and Sydney, Australia.

Biznet started IPv6 Address allocation.

Total Biznet Fiber route: 2,500KM.

Biznet started max3 Studioworks, a multimedia production facility to produce in-house contents.

Biznet Technovillage started operation on 18 July 2012.

Biznet launched max3 Internet + Cable for residential and apartment users on 6 December 2012.

Total Biznet Fiber route: 5,000 KM.
Biznet Fiber Home: 20,000 homepasses.

max3 Internet + Cable TV was launched in Bali.

Biznet Fiber home network has reached 120,000 homepasses nationally.

Total Biznet Fiber route: 7,500 KM.
Biznet Fiber Home: 120,000 homepasses.

Biznet expanded Biznet Fiber to Sumatra and opened new branch offices in Palembang, Jambi and Padang.

Biznet Data Center Bali started operation on 10 April 2014.

Biznet Fiber home network has reached 200,000 homepasses nationally.

Total Biznet Fiber route: 5,000 KM.
Biznet Fiber Home: 200,000 homepasses.

Biznet opened more branch offices in West Java & Central Java.

Biznet rebranded its logo and service name.

Biznet continues expanding Biznet Fiber network nationwide.

Biznet Fiber Java Bangka Batam Singapore started operation on 7 August 2015 with 2x100 Gbps capacity.

Total Biznet Fiber route: 15,000 KM.
Biznet Fiber Home: 240,000 homepasses.

Biznet expanded Biznet Fiber to Batam Island and more cities in Java Island.

Biznet Fiber Java-Bali expanded from Semarang to Surabaya.

Total Biznet Fiber Route: 18,000 KM.
Biznet Fiber Home: 350,000 homepasses.

Biznet expanded Biznet Fiber to Kudus and more cities in Java Island.

Biznet Fiber Semarang - Surabaya route is completed.

Total Biznet Fiber Route: 21,000 KM.
Biznet Fiber Home: 450,000 homepasses.

Biznet expanded Biznet Fiber to Garut, Tasikmalaya, Cilacap and more cities in Java Island.

Total Biznet Fiber route: 27,000 KM.
Biznet Fiber Home: 480,000 homepasses.

Biznet expanded Biznet Fiber to Singaraja - Bali, Batu Aji - Batam, and more cities in Java Island, Bali and Batam.

Biznet announced network expansion to Pontianak, West Kalimantan and Bandar Lampung, Lampung Province.

Total Biznet Fiber Route: 36,000 KM.
Biznet Fiber Home: 500,000 homepasses.

Biznet Officially launched Biznet IPTV service and expands Biznet Fiber network to Sulawesi by officially opened a new branch office in Manado and Medan.

On 8 August 2020, Biznet launched a new company, PrimaMedix, a manufacturing company for health products for daily use and industry.

Total Biznet Fiber route: 45,000 KM.
Biznet Fiber Home: 500,000+ homepasses.

Biznet continues expanding its network to more area/city in Indonesia, including Medan, Makassar, Labuan Bajo and Kupang City.

Total Biznet Fiber Route: 55,000 KM.
Biznet Fiber Home: 1,100,000 homepass.

Biznet expands its network to 3 provinces in Sumatra Island, including Bandar Lampung to Aceh.

Build Biznet Nusantara Cable System (BNCS) 1, which is connected from Anyer (Java) – Kalianda (Sumatra) and Sungsang (Sumatra) - Muntok (Bangka Belitung) for approximately 100 KM.

Total Biznet Fiber route: 65,000 KM
Biznet Fiber Home: 1,500,000 homepasses.

Biznet Builds Biznet Cable Station

Biznet Cable Landing Station or Biznet MarinePOP, is the main gateway to connect islands in Indonesia and the world, making it possible to provide Internet and Data Communication services with large and fast capacity.

Total Biznet Fiber routes: 100,000 KM.
Biznet Fiber Home: 2,400,000 homepasses.

Biznet Builds Biznet Cable Station

Biznet Cable Landing Station or Biznet MarinePOP, is the main gateway to connect islands in Indonesia and the world, making it possible to provide Internet and Data Communication services with large and fast capacity.

Total Biznet Fiber routes: 100,000 KM.
Biznet Fiber Home: 2,400,000 homepasses.

Be careful of scam on behalf of Biznet.
Information about Biznet can be accessed on biznetnetworks.com.


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